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"Having started its services in 1995, BPL Mobile currently operates in Mumbai city with more than 1 million happy and satisfied subscribers.

In the latest The VOICE&DATA Mobile User Satisfaction Survey 2007 revealed that in overall satisfaction BPL Mobile has surpassed the TRAI benchmark of 90%. In MUMBAI, BPL Mobile is the only mobile service provider to have surpassed this benchmark. Being in the service industry and customer centricity being at the core, BPL Mobile has once again proved that we are "Best in the Business" having ranked first in Customer Care and Sales/Presales. Click here to find out more...

This achievement is a result of BPL Mobile's philosophy to give the consumer a truly world class experience through technology, services and a network that gives Superior Coverage and Amazing Clarity. BPL Mobile has revolutionized the mobile communications industry in India with its state of the art technology, which includes the unique network design, the Qualnet, Camel Phase 2 Intelligent Network (IN) platform and GPRS providing cutting edge services like Multimedia Messaging (MMS), mobile browsing, Java based mobile games amongst others."

Отправить смс на BPL Mobile, Индия

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