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"We are a multi-faceted management group that is engaged in establishing a lead in an emerging business area, which is an outcome of the linkages and converging communication and entertainment technologies.

The process of establishing new businesses is through the "SPICE" brand, that is, ‘Synchronized performance through Innovation in Communication and Entertainment’, which seeks to fulfil the integrated technological needs of global customers. SPICE will enable re-engineering of our existing businesses for greater competitiveness through building new strategic partnerships both in India and overseas.

We have a proven track record of over 30 years in building some of Asia’s most successful Joint Venture Partnerships in collaboration with world leaders in cutting edge technologies – Mobile Phones, Mobile Retail, Onshore BPO, Mobile VAS, IT Systems Integration, Entertainment and Retail Real Estate.

With our base of strong intellectual capital, joint-venture expertise, global connectivity, proven track record and benchmark in corporate governance, we have redefined the scope of our operations and refocused our strategies to further strengthen our global positioning.

We aim to inspire the Indian masses to connect and aspire to own the SPICE Brand. Our focus is on niche markets in each business area, and we seek to expand our reach and responsiveness through a pan India presence."

Отправить смс на Spice Communications, Индия

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