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SMS (Short Message Service) enables you to send local and international text messages. One message is limited to160 alphanumeric characters in length including spaces and punctuation marks. If the message exceeds 160 characters (70 characters in Cyrillic letters) the recipient will receive the SMS into 2 or more messages. Each extra message will incur additional charges according to the tariff plan.

The SMS Center (SMSC) number is set on the subscriber's SIM card by default: +37493297333

The SMS recipient number can be entered by the following ways:

0 [network code] [phone number], or
+374 [network code] [phone number], or
00374 [network code] [phone number]

+ [country code] [area or network code] [phone number], or
00 [country code] [area or network code] [phone number]

Send sms to Vivacell, Armenia

Copy the phrase "send sms to " and then add the country
which you would like to send an SMS to.