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VIVACOM is a leader in developing modern telecommunication services to meet the highest professional standards - from mobile and fixed voice services to high speed Internet access through VIVACOM NET, from data transfer through mobile and fixed services to tailor made telecommunication solutions.

The brand VIVACOM was designed to reflect the aim of the company to offer the customers better services through effective solutions, innovative thinking, dynamic development, honest relations and refreshing offers. In this way we believe that we will build trust and honest relations between our company and our clients as well as to help for the development of a competitive and stable business environment of the telecommunications market.

Our vision is to be the leader in delivering converged communication services in Bulgaria.

Our mission is to help our customers be successful in a competitive world by providing them with the best quality communication services.

VIVACOM will continue to work for the introduction of the best European practices in order to offer its clients complex services with high quality at a good price. The company supports the efforts of the institutions for establishing new rules in the telecommunications sector, similar to those in Europe and gives an example for honest customer-oriented practices.

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