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Mobile operator MTNL, India.
MTNL as a company, over the last nineteen years, grew rapidly by modernizing the network through induction of State-of-the-art technologies and adopting a customer friendly approach.

Seeing the present trend towards mobile services, we have expanded our GSM based mobile service under the brand names Dolphin & Trump in a big way. Since launch of MTNL’s GSM mobile services in the year 2002, the number of GSM connections has reached 3.44 million as on 30.6.2008. The present GSM Network is EDGE enabled and hence can provide high data rate to mobile customers.

We have recently added 0.75 million lines capacity in GSM network at Delhi. Similarly, 0.75 million lines are being added in Mumbai.
We have already planned for 3G Network capacity of 0.25 million lines each in Delhi & Mumbai in 2008-09. 3G Network is expected to be rolled out by the end of year 2008-09.

Broadband is the buzz word today. We are proud that MTNL is quite ahead in Broadband services having a subscriber base of 0.584 million customers. At the end of June,2008, MTNL is ranked 2nd in Broadband service on All India basis and largest Broadband service provider in Delhi & Mumbai.

MTNL has been in the forefront to launch new technologies for the benefit of customers. MTNL has launched ‘Voice over Internet Telephony’ (VoIP) Service all over the world which provides ISD call at a very cheap rate to more than 168 countries.

Similarly, MTNL has launched ‘Internet Protocol Television’ (IPTV). IPTV technology has now matured and nearly 5000 customers each in Delhi & Mumbai have subscribed to this service. IPTV gives quality TV viewing at affordable rates. IPTV also provides other services like Video on Demand, Time-Shift TV, Audio on Demand etc.

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